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Who Did This?

How to Wash Your Car In A Hose Pipe Ban!

This summer is shaping up to be the summer of water shortages! There are already hose pipe bans in certain areas and is likely to get worse before it gets better! If you are wondering how you are going to keep your car clean then you might want to look at the WikedKlean Wash ‘n Wax vehicle cleaner – probably the most astonishing eco friendly car cleaner ever invented!

It’s totally biodegradable and really kind to the environment with no chemicals whatsoever. Most importantly there is no need to use any water! Best of all, it requires very little effort to clean your vehicle – the product does it for you, delivering a showroom finish in less than 15 minutes. No sponges, no water, no buckets, no wax, no chemicals, no Teflon, no silicones. No effort required – it brings out the brilliant colours of the paintwork like you wouldn’t believe…

This innovative formula wraps the dirt in little ‘beads’ which ensures that dust and dirt simply cannot scratch whilst you are cleaning your car. Then, the bodywork is coated with a tough protective barrier to ensure that dirt and rain simply falls off.

There is absolutely no need to wash the vehicle first (unless it has been off road through a bog or swamp, in which case hose the worst of the mud off!).

Simply use a trigger spray to apply, leave for a couple of minutes, then LIGHTLY wipe off using a soft cloth. Lastly, lightly buff the bodywork with a clean cloth for a gleaming finish. The emphasis is on the word ‘lightly’ – no elbow grease required!

One bottle should wash and wax a vehicle at least half a dozen times (500ml trigger spray bottle enough for 6 washes on small cars, 3 – 4 washes on people carriers or 4 x 4 vehicles). The more you clean your vehicle with it, the less product you have to use.

Try it on dirty wheels, and even your car interior. Try it on your neighbour’s car too (for example on one of the chrome wheels) – they will want some of this amazing product. Try it on your fibreglass boat, the plastic garden furniture, etc

Please note: This product is completely biodegradable. Therefore, you need to use within 6 months of purchase or it will biodegrade!

CLICK HERE to order this amazing car cleaner and get your neighbours wondering why your car is so shiny during a water shortage! (You’ll find the car cleaner on page 2 under “Cleaning”)