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Working From Home Ideas

How To Start Your Own Cleaning Business When Money Is Tight

These are difficult times and a great many people are feeling the financial squeeze!

The amount of layoffs and redundancies have risen continuously and there is very little “job security” for anyone anymore.  In previous times, as long as your job performance was satisfactory, then you did not have much to worry about. Unfortunately, due to the changing economic times, outsourcing work to foreign countries, and technology replacing human jobs, this is no longer true.

A business will often fire their employees with little or no remorse if it means that they will save money. They are simply not aware, or simply do not care about the hardship it places on the worker and their family.

The only sure way to never be fired or laid off is to be your own boss and the only way to be the boss is to start your own business! If that sounds expensive don’t worry – in today’s world there are quite a few businesses that can be started for very little money.

The company even offers an interest free loan to help you get started. And with earnings of £10 an hour or more available then this business will put money in your pocket almost immediately.

So, what’s the catch? The truth is there isn’t one – unless you count the fact that you will need to learn the skills necessary to run a business as a catch.  But, here again WeCanEcoClean provides you with a fully “hand-held” back up support and training that will ensure that all the legal side of running a business is completed without stress.

WeCanEcoClean is not a get rich quick scheme – you will not be making five grand a month from the very beginning! But you may well be making enough to pay you mortgage or rent, and cover your other bills. The great thing is, that no matter what money you currently have, you should still be able to start the business quickly and easily.

If you follow the business model and learn the skills of eco-friendly cleaning (everyone should have basic cleaning skills already), you will be able to launch your business almost immediately.

Once you have your starter pack from Wikaniko you will be ready to advertise your services. As part of the resources available you have all the leaflets and posters already done for you. All you have to do is add your own contact details. Place these around locally and clients will call. Do a good, professional, job and word of mouth will start to generate new clients for you.

CLICK HERE to find out more about the WeCanEcoClean business and take control of your financial destiny.


We Can Eco Clean

Would you like to run your own business, with regular earnings, and a massive potential market?

Then WeCanEcoClean may be just the opportunity for you. But what is it and how does it work?

WeCanEcoClean gives you the opportunity to set up your own branded, eco-friendly, cleaning business. But please don’t think of this opportunity as simply being a cleaner because it is much, much, more!

First of all you would be part of Wikaniko, the company behind the WeCanEcoClean opportunity. Wikaniko (pronounced We Can Eco) is a well established company, supplying eco-friendly products to local households via catalogues and teams of distributors. Like every other distributor, you would have the chance to build a massive business by encouraging others to switch to the safer Wikaniko products.

Secondly, you get to market your own eco-friendly cleaning services within your local community. With pay rates of around £10 an hour you will be able to make real money right from start with this business.

WeCanEcoClean’s unique approach to domestic cleaning gives you a real edge over your competitors.

By eradicating the hazardous cleaning chemicals bought from supermarkets and tactfully educating people about how to clean their homes properly with eco-friendly alternatives, you can show them how to reduce the mystery allergies, ailments and illnesses that seem to be part of our modern world. This simple change has lead many families see a marked improvement in their health and well-being and, of course, would give you great word of mouth recommendations.

To join WeCanEcoClean you firstly need to join Wikaniko as a distributor. This costs £48. The distributor fee allows you to work under the umbrella of Wikaniko. You get a replicated website, and you can purchase products at wholesale.

The second stage is to order the WeCanEcoClean Startup pack – this includes absolutely everything you need to run your new business. You can get the WeCanEcoClean package in one of two ways:

The Interest Free Payment Plan Option

Should you wish to apply for the interest free payment plan option, this is what your package contains:

Your initial eco cleaning products, to get you started.

  • A folding trolley for you to take your products to cleaning jobs
  • Your CRB check carried out (this alone costs between £50 and £60) but will help you get far more work.
  • Online bookkeeping account with FREE tuition and 3 months FREE supervised bookkeeping
  • Uniform tabard or sweatshirt with logo, plus ID badge
  • Leaflets, business cards, and other stationery that you need to advertise your business locally
  • Magnetic vehicle signs to attract more business
  • Access to regular telephone training workshops for as long as you need it
  • Full support for as long as you need it

The interest free pay plan package costs £250, plus 24 monthly payments of £24. (The monthly payments include approximately £5.50 admin charges to cover Paypal fees etc.)

The Full Package Option (paid outright)

As well as all of the above, this is what the full package contains:

  • Your distributor application fee refunded, less admin and starter pack costs – see below
  • Almost double the amount of cleaning products
  • Customer loyalty card – we pay for a one hour FREE clean after every 10 cleans

The cost of the full package is £695.

WeCanEcoClean is designed to be run as a mini franchise type of business. Therefore, it requires the proper setup, the proper tools, and the proper investment to ensure its success. Any outlay is quickly recouped both in the form of earnings, and tax allowances.

You can find out more about WeCanEcoClean and how it can help you change your financial future by going to

The Sundance Kid And A Prince

Green IssuesMany of you will have seen the pictures in the media of Robert Redford and Prince Charles at the recent Sundance Film and Music Festival in London recently.

Both men are well known for their environmental campaigning and are able to use their respective “profiles” to push the green agenda onto front page news. They both tackle the BIG issues and attempt to shake the political powers that be out of their comfort zones!

That’s all very if you are an international film star or royal prince. But what can us mere mortals do if we want to do “our bit” for the environment?

Trevor Blake, the founder of Wikaniko, has an interesting way of looking at this. He often talks about Green issues and green issues – the difference being the capital letter starting the word. The big Green issues are the province of the politicians and international policy makers. We can only make our voice heard to these people through the political process – it may be slow and ponderous but, if enough pressure is brought to bare, it can be effective.

Then there is green with a small “g”. These are the simple everyday solutions that we can take to make our “footprint” smaller. It is about our attitude to recycling; the products we use to clean our homes; the way we garden; the personal care products we use ……… the list is almost endless!

Going green with a small “g” may represent a change of thinking and habit but it is well worth the effort. Contrary to the popular belief it can save you a lot of money and give you satisfaction that you are doing something that does genuinely contribute in a positive way to the world’s future. The irony is that if enough people do the little green things, then the BIG Green things largely take care of themselves!

Wikaniko products provide you with a simple way to start going green in the first environment you should be concerned with – your home. You can find out more about the product range by going here

Going green isn’t an all or nothing proposition. There are many simple things that any family can do to make their own home more eco-friendly and, at the same time, a lot safer! Why not make the start now by just replacing some of your weekly shop with alternatives from the Wikaniko range?


How to make money from home in the UK

Goals: Are Your Goals Challenging Enough?

Most people plan their holidays more thoroughly than they plan their lives!

Then they suddenly wake up in their 60’s  and wonder why they haven’t achieved everything they were capable of.

Choosing a goal and sticking to it changes everything – Scott Read

Are you limiting yourself unnecessarily, and setting yourself up for less than you’re worth, by not setting goals?

Let me tell you why goal setting is important, and why it works.

A goal acts like a large magnet in your future, pulling you towards it. It drives you in the right direction. It keeps you on track. It makes sure you’ve always got an eye on your future and how what you do now affects where you’ll end up. A person without a goal is like a boat without a rudder.

You can and must direct yourself!

So much of our lives are sent under the direction of someone else, from childhood and school to the world of work. And now you’re in a position to set your one direction and determine your own destination. A boss doesn’t care one bit about your long term goals, or where your job is taking you. They just want the job done.

If you are living your life without goals then you need to make a change right now. Stop outsourcing the direction of your life to people who don’t really care!

* Do you want to be running your own business?
* Do you want to earn £5000 per month without a boss?
* Do you want to move house and live in the countryside?

Grab a piece of paper and a pen and start writing. Right now. Do it. You’ve heard this advice dozens of times, I know. You hear it all the time. But how many times have you truly taken it seriously and sat down for a productive 30 minutes and written down everything you want to achieve?

If you want £100,000 in your savings account, write it down.
If you want your mortgage paid off, write it down.
If you want to learn to fly a helicopter, write it down!

And, of course, put a deadline next to each goal. Putting a date makes it real. It plots it in your real life, existing not simply on a piece of paper but in your future.

A goal without a deadline is just a dream, or a wish for something you’d quite like. A deadline gives you a bullseye to aim for.

It’s all such simple advice, but it’s advice that so few people follow. It’s staggering how so many people say “Yeah yeah, goal setting, I know all about that”, but when you ask them about their goals they haven’t a clue!

You want to know your goal list so well you could recite it in your sleep. You need to really feel it. You need to know if so well it feels like a part of you.

You want your goal list to be so clear to you that you see it unfold before you. Just like walking in a beach leaves footprints behind you, your goal list puts footprints in front of you, and you simply fill them as each step brings you closer to your goals.

Do it now. You become successful the moment you start moving toward a worthwhile goal.

Eco Friendly Living at Home Begins With Simple Changes

Eco friendly living in the home is easy to implement starting with small changes.

We all want to do our part in helping our environment and here are some really simple ways to help reduce your impact that will still play an important role and start to make a positive impact.

No need to worry, you do not need to run out and buy a hybrid car or convert your house to solar power to begin to make a difference. (Unless you want to)

Use Less Water

If you shut off the water when you brush your teeth and cut your shower time down by a minute or two you will use less water which can save greatly.

Attach aerators to your faucets. This device mixes air with the water flow creating good water pressure but less water. You can also replace the shower heads with low flow heads.

When you do the laundry forget about throwing just a few things in the wash. Instead wait until you have a full load.

Whenever possible, dry your clothes on a clothing line instead of using the dryer, and only run the dishwasher when the machine is full.

Eco Friendly Living Uses Less Energy

  • One of the easiest things you can do to save energy is to replace your light bulbs to energy efficient light bulbs. Energy efficient light bulbs are more expensive than regular light bulbs but will save you money because they use less electricity and last longer.
  • Turn down your thermostat one degree and see if you are still comfortable.
  • Unplug your cell phone charger when not in use. Even though it may not have your phone attached, it is still using up power.
  • Devices with a remote use up a lot of power when not in use, so put the TV, VCR and stereo on a power strip and turn it off when they are not in use.
  • Make a big difference in your heating bill by closing up gaps around doors and windows by using rolls of flexible strips sold at the hardware stores.
  • When it is time to purchase new appliances buy ones that are energy efficient. The savings in lower energy bills will more than make up for the expense.
  • Get the kids involved by turning “saving” into a game by keeping “a score” of who uses the least amount of water and remembers to turn off the lights.

If it is possible where you live, take your bike or walk to the store or for short trips. The exercise will be an added benefit.

One of these short trips could be to the local organic farmer’s market, because when you buy locally it saves on transport costs and supports your local economy.

Buy from sustainable farmers, ranchers and other producers that use less water and techniques that pollute less.


Think creatively to come up with ways to reuse as many everyday items as possible.

Buy second hand. Buying second hand will save resources that would have been used to make that product new.

Leave recyclable shopping bags in the car with you so you remember to take them with you into the grocery store and eliminate the need for the plastic bags they give you.

Use environmentally friendly products but be careful of what it is you are buying. The best way is to make natural products yourself.

Vinegar is a great way to clean and disinfect glass and other surfaces. Add baking soda to the vinegar for troublesome stains.

Eco friendly living is good for you as well as the environment, you will save money and conserve our resources.

Please visit for eco friendly decorating ideas.

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Environmentally Friendly Products For Eco-Friendly Living

The buzz nowadays is about eco-friendly living. There are many of us who wonder what this entails and how to go about it. Continue reading to know more about green living tips. The best place to start is by going green at home. How one should do that, you might ask. The easiest way is to start using environment-friendly products.

Environment-friendly products are basically all such products that do not cause damage to the already fragile eco-balance on Earth. Such products are made with the technology that uses renewable energy resources of our planet, thus reducing pollution, aiding in the rejuvenation of the planet, and making our world a better place to live in.

Women have a crucial role to play in this process. The fairer sex has a wide array of environment friendly products to choose from. Going green has never been as easy as it is now. From soaps and shampoos to body care products, clothes, organic food, environment, the list is endless, as it is exotic, affordable, and most importantly, green. One doesn’t have to change one’s life radically; a small step at a time is a better way to doing so. Why not buy organic shampoo the next time you are out of a hair cleanser? Or opt for organically grown rice the next time you are out grocery shopping. Though small, these changes are sure to help you go green. Most environment-friendly products use free energy available from nature. This helps in the following ways:

  • conserve energy and resources
  • reduce waste
  • reduce pollution
  • save the environment by reducing the discharge of harmful substances

The earth is the only home that we have. Years of rampant consumerism have resulted in depleting natural resources, extinction of various species of flora and fauna, and a rapid increase in pollution of the air, land, and water. It is time to change, and environment-friendly products will help us change our lives for the better.

Contribute towards conserving environment. Use only natural products. These eco friendly products reduce pollution and save eco system of harmful chemicals.

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Green Eco-Friendly Living

Leading an eco-friendly life is possible for every human being by following a few simple guidelines. Adopt a practice of buying organic food whenever feasible. Farmers, who inculcate organic cultivation, rarely contaminate the earth and air with herbicides, pesticides and other fertilizers. Make a practice of composting the kitchen waste and this will serve an apt medium for growing fruits, veggies and flowers. Killing our domestic animals for food is extremely cruel and barbaric. You are also wasting your earthly resources by killing them because the land they graze is made very fertile by the cow dung. Buying foods loose can save unwanted packing. Always use reusable and refillable containers over the throwaway and disposable ones. If you are fond of coffee, use a reusable filter. Say no to hot water thermostat and make a preference for solar heaters. Turn off heating in winter and wear sufficient warm clothes. Save energy by turning off TVs’ and lights when the user is not around. Make a practice of using energy-efficient bulbs. Installing thick insulation can lower the heating bills.

What is green living?

The concept of green living demonstrates the usage of those things that can help preserve the environment and which can be viable for the future generation. Make a note of a few simple steps that can render your life greener. The process denotes a three staged process consisting of reducing, reusing and finally recycling. Reduce usage of disposables or regular towels. Another recommendation for the purpose of reduction is to buy concentrated products because they arrive in small packages. People are in the habit of expelling the recyclables in bins and they forget the reusing stage. Hence it is very important to think twice before throwing away anything. For the purpose of recycle, you should place a recycle bin in your yard and you can do the stuff on your own. Set up compost piles in your garden, instead of employing potting soil, and make your soil rich in content. Use products like shredded bags, made of plastic, to mulch the garden. Using your creativity, there are lots of recycles that can be done which would be very beneficial in promoting the concept of green living. The world might not change. But each of you can individually start the trend and teach the concept to your children.

Linens and clothes which are old and torn can be used as cleaning rags. Make a cut on using your car and adopt walking which can render you fit and save money. Deadly fuels that contaminate the atmosphere can be lowered. When you go shopping, say a stern no to plastic bags and use baskets or shopping bags instead. Usage of rechargeable battery is recommended since ordinary ones possess heavy metals which can contaminate soil, water, and even the air if burnt. Plant as many trees as possible in your garden since they clean the carbon dioxide from air. Employ eco-friendly washing detergents and products for daily use. Use can also make an eco-friendly cleaning lotion from the recipes available in net.

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How Self Esteem Issues Can Affect Eco Friendly Living

How Eco Friendly Is Your Human Self?

We are in a time of world change and new awareness. Consciousness is shifting and we are returning to basics to save our planet. Could it be that we as human beings are mirrors that reflect the world we create based on the world we are creating within. Many of us know of theories, sayings or beliefs such as the law of attraction; you get more of what you focus on, like attracts like, so within so without and many have witnessed these laws in our own life. If we focus on having a bad day it seems to get worse and if we focus on the smile of a baby our heart warms and we smile. Is it time then for us all to look into a mirror into our own eyes to connect to our organic soul, so we can take a reality check on the self we are creating in a non-judgemental, curious, perhaps forgiving manner so that we can examine some of our own irrational beliefs about ourselves, that we reflect outwards to the world. As human beings we are very complex creatures. We say one thing but we mean another. We are quick to judge. Most of the judging we do is to our own self and because that doesn’t feel good, we go and judge others which makes us momentarily feel better, but then we carry the guilt of how we judged another on top of the rubbish feelings we feel about our self. Then these negative energies get reflected back into the world; the world reflects back to us and it becomes a revolving doorway. Do you ever stop to examine your beliefs or your behaviour patterns that re-enforce any self esteem issues you may have, or do you run your life on automatic pilot repeating the revolving door syndrome leaving you little energy for yourself, let alone any left to invest in eco friendly living.

Older But Any Wiser – Have You Lost Your Eco Friendly Living Self?

For any true eco friendly living change to take place within our planet, organic changes need to start at home; within your mind, body and spirit. A person who is balanced whole and complete, having addressed self esteem issues will have greater self worth and the ability to feel love for the whole of self even the parts they have in the past put down. A person who is willing to be brave enough to love him or her self, then has the capability of emanating loving kindness outside of themselves as they reflect from themselves the kind of world that they want to live in, a world that they want their children or their future children to grow up in. Self acceptance and love is where it all begins. How can we take on world struggles if our world within is insecure. If we build on our own inner foundations, then we can build an eco friendly living empire around us so to speak. We will be less critical and judgemental of others and we will be able to open our eyes and hearts enabling us to realise that all of us share the same vision on this plant – world harmony, balance and peace within and without.

Do You Know Who You Really Are?

Possibly many people are shunning the idea of global warming and climate change because it is too much to take in or comprehend, as they have too many troubles or self esteem issues of their own to accept a problem outside of them selves. Could it be an easy option for some of us to deny that it is really happening, disbelieve the evidence we are being shown in the media, suggest conspiracy theories or simply to ignore it because if we don’t acknowledge it, it will all just go away in its own time. Isn’t that what many of us condition ourselves to do as we convince ourselves that if we ignore something it will just go away? Does it really go away or does it hum in the background like an annoying fly.

What if all that is happening all around us within the world is merely a reflection of our fears and insecurity within and what if we managed to come to terms with our insecurities within, neither labelling them good or bad, but just moving into acceptance of them, maybe the foundation within would be more solid enabling us to begin building again for a much better future not only for ourselves, but for all of mankind. When we focus on unhappiness, we seem to get more unhappiness, when we focus on world negativity we seem to get negative news or negative happenings within our personal life, when we focus on lack, whether it be lack of money, lack of motivation or love; not enough, there seems to be even less.

Perhaps you could extend your heart to connect to all the people you do not know around the world who have the same kind of struggles that you do. If we all placed our own struggles into pile and looked around at other people’s piles, we would most likely grab our own pile back. We all have our struggles and insecurities to deal with, but we must not get so lost within them that we lose connection with our beautiful world that too is struggling right now and needs our support.

What Would The Wise You Have to Say To You Right Now If You Really Listened?

Imagine walking towards you right now is your real whole full potential self not restrained by earthly worries or troubles. As you focus on your real self just listen to the wise advice being offered to you and ask any questions you wish to ask. You may wish to ask for a special quality that you wish to receive over the next few days that will give you the energy you need to look deep within, to enable you to begin resolving inner conflicts, which could in turn give you energy to connect and care more for your planet that houses you in this lifetime.

Lorraine Ireland is a registered Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, author of Self Help CDs and MP3s with over 10 years experience. If this article has touched you maybe you would like to overcome self esteem issues or perhaps your wise self could help you to project your caring, confident self out into the world with awareness of eco friendly living

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Green Homes – Green Home Building For Eco Friendly Living

Green homes are houses that are kinder to the planet. They use lesser energy, produce less waste, and are a healthier environment for the people inside. Green homes come out of a philosophy of being more eco-friendly to the environment. They save on electricity, find ways to cut down on carbon-waste and general energy consumption. Green homes can put money in your pocket, and give you the peace of mind you are doing your bit to help sustain our planet.


Most of us would to make the world a little “greener” by reducing our home energy consumption. There has been improvement in building techniques and materials over the last couple of decades, which means that homes are becoming more energy efficient. Do you dream of a house with no carbon emissions and zero-net-energy use? This can be achieved with a strategy that includes alternative energy sources, and conscientious fabrication methods and standards. We can channel in green energy into our homes without breaking the bank. There are DIY home energy programs that cost thousands of dollars but there are also DIY Solar and wind turbine schemes that will only cost a few hundred dollars, and that can be implemented without great technical skills. You can reach your goal of a Zero Energy Home, and it maybe just a couple of steps away…

Design: Living Green Designer Homes

When we think of eco friendly homes, or sustainable homes, we probably have an image of an odd-looking place? Too many panels and windmills all over it, maybe half buried on a hill, or too high tech for our budget? That may have been the case once but it’s now possible to design a home that is beautiful, and will give you a degree of independence from both present and future water and energy cost increases and shortages There is evidence of a growing concern about environmental and design issues. There is information available from government from which you can learn about design of green buildings for energy conservation. Good modern design standards readily integrate sustainable features such as rainwater collection, alternative power sources, grey water recycling, solar hot water and water efficient landscaping.


In December 2006, The Code for Sustainable Homes was introduced as a voluntary code in the UK and by May 2008 has become a national standard. It rates the key elements of design and construction which impact upon sustainability and efficiency. It is used by architects, builders and consumers alike in helping them plan and design new homes. The code awards new homes a star rating from 1 to 6, based on their performance against 9 sustainability criteria which assess the overall environmental impact. These are model green home building guidelines!

Building regulations require at least One Star. Six Stars reflects exemplary sustainability.The sustainability criteria by which new homes are measured are:

Energy and CO2 Emissions

Water H20 & Surface Water Run-off




Health and Well-Being

Management of the environmental impacts of the construction and operation


The key is to achieve sustainability without compromising either design or quality. The Code introduces minimum standards for energy and environmental factors affecting the sustainability of a home, and the rating takes into account different elements of sustainability. These include energy, transport, pollution, materials, land use and ecology and health and well-being. The UK Government has set the industry a target of delivering zero-carbon homes by 2016.

The aim of sustainable homes is to deliver real improvements in key areas such as carbon dioxide emissions and water use.


Carbon reduction is high on the political agenda of all nations, yet there is a clear struggle for governments to come to terms with the measures that must be taken to achieve the reduction goals that our best science tells us is needed. Much can be achieved by action at the household level that can drastically reduce the enormity of the tasks that faces governments looking at the problems on a macro scale. Motivation for the changes that are needed is key, as it is in anything great but difficult that we strive for. One ‘carrot’ in the budget for households is the direct benefit of reduced energy bills achieved by making an effort to reduce their own carbon pollution. In the UK, London Green Homes service uniquely offers a free telephone advice service, a website and a paid-for green service to provide a free tailor-made package of carbon saving lifestyle improvements. The service has great flexibility, offering Londoners advice on a broad range of actions to reduce carbon emissions from lifestyle changes; and explains how best to save money on energy bills. It is the UK’s first one-stop-shop for information on how to make homes more carbon efficient.


A US survey has shown that 87% of home buyers want to know how their homes rate in terms of environmental performance in order to make an informed decision when moving house. Further, 84% would pay an average 2% more for an eco-friendly home. Environmentally friendly homes are no longer a luxury reserved only for the richest Americans. Environmental concerns, dependence on foreign oil, water shortages, vanishing species, are all factors in an increasing the awareness of the call for us to be better stewards of the earth and its resources.

In this environmentally aware world, we are hearing more about green homes, eco friendly living and sustainable homes. Green homes that are designed to be energy efficient, use environmentally friendly and healthy materials and conserver water are becoming the standard. In addition to new building standards, there are simple environmentally friendly, DIY projects that will help curb energy costs, and improve your homes value.

Space is still the most important consideration for home buyers, but environmental considerations and use of eco-friendly materials are very high on the list of priorities. Architectural firms today are often committed to developing creative yet environmentally sustainable components of space for the betterment of lifestyle and family in a way that supports responsible stewardship of the environment and natural resources. Green living and building, with an emphasis on health, energy efficiency and environmental conservation, has never been more relevant than it is today. As time goes on, there will be more attention given to advocating for socially just and environmentally-minded rebuilding solutions. Home-building imposes very significant environmental and social costs at all levels. Impacts of new home construction include:

quarrying to provide basic raw construction materials like aggregates,

water consumption, and the widespread use of toxic

chemicals in building materials.


Green homes can put money in your pocket, they don’t need to be thought of as an expensive way to do what’s demanded of us for the environment. Sustainable homes give you peace of mind from knowing that you are doing everything you can to help sustain the planet. Sustainable homes don’t have to be unattractive anymore, and unsuitable for residential architecture. Green homes are better for the environment because they use less energy, less water, and have a lower impact on the environment

Richard Lodge is Administrator of a small educational and social welfare organization that targets youth at risk. In his ‘spare time’ he teaches meditation and Buddhism. His diverse online interests include personal research and authoring several blogs that reflect his interests in personal health and environmental welfare. For more information:

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