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How To Start Your Own Cleaning Business When Money Is Tight

These are difficult times and a great many people are feeling the financial squeeze!

The amount of layoffs and redundancies have risen continuously and there is very little “job security” for anyone anymore.  In previous times, as long as your job performance was satisfactory, then you did not have much to worry about. Unfortunately, due to the changing economic times, outsourcing work to foreign countries, and technology replacing human jobs, this is no longer true.

A business will often fire their employees with little or no remorse if it means that they will save money. They are simply not aware, or simply do not care about the hardship it places on the worker and their family.

The only sure way to never be fired or laid off is to be your own boss and the only way to be the boss is to start your own business! If that sounds expensive don’t worry – in today’s world there are quite a few businesses that can be started for very little money.

The company even offers an interest free loan to help you get started. And with earnings of £10 an hour or more available then this business will put money in your pocket almost immediately.

So, what’s the catch? The truth is there isn’t one – unless you count the fact that you will need to learn the skills necessary to run a business as a catch.  But, here again WeCanEcoClean provides you with a fully “hand-held” back up support and training that will ensure that all the legal side of running a business is completed without stress.

WeCanEcoClean is not a get rich quick scheme – you will not be making five grand a month from the very beginning! But you may well be making enough to pay you mortgage or rent, and cover your other bills. The great thing is, that no matter what money you currently have, you should still be able to start the business quickly and easily.

If you follow the business model and learn the skills of eco-friendly cleaning (everyone should have basic cleaning skills already), you will be able to launch your business almost immediately.

Once you have your starter pack from Wikaniko you will be ready to advertise your services. As part of the resources available you have all the leaflets and posters already done for you. All you have to do is add your own contact details. Place these around locally and clients will call. Do a good, professional, job and word of mouth will start to generate new clients for you.

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Own A Business, Own Your Life

I spent a very enjoyable afternoon yesterday socialising with some family friends. At one point we were discussing the imminent “restructuring” of my friend’s job and the very real possibility that he would be made redundant. He is fortunate in having many transferable skills and shouldn’t have difficulty getting a new position…

BUT, it got me thinking……..

What would you do tomorrow if you found out you’re about to be sacked or made redundant?

Most people would panic, because they are not in a position to walk away from their job and be free of financial worry!

If you had a profitable home business the world would look very different. Instead of worrying about redundancies you could instead give yourself a pay rise every single day, as your business grows. When you have your own Network Marketing business you won’t need to settle for a pay cheque that barely covers the bills.

“Network Marketing” means you get to work as part of a team and leverage the time and skills of everyone else. It’s a smart way of growing a home business and it has a very different feel to building a traditional “bricks and mortar” business.

So many traditional business owners get stuck in their businesses. They end up not with a business that serves them, but with a business they become a slave to! Running a conventional business can often leave you more trapped than when you were working for a boss! You get to pay your employees every month but you may have to miss out yourself – simply to balance the books!  I know this because it is exactly what I have had to do in my regular business many times! Imagine, working 100+ hours a week trying to make the business profitable and then drawing less than you are paying your staff. This madness can go on for years, and every day is a struggle.

A Networking Marketing business, on the other hand, has none of these disadvantages. You need no employees, no crazy hours, no premises, and you don’t need to tie your money up in stock. This means almost every penny you make is profit.

The main benefit of a Network Marketing business is the potential to get paid a Residual Income.

You work hard to build up your business, and your income will slowly grow into something more significant month after month. Then after a few years your monthly income from your business will be large enough for you to quit your job or retire, and you won’t have to work for money any longer! The income will continue to be paid to you. Your business will be manageable, and will continue to make a profit without you when you are ready to retire.

Best of all… you will have the full support and training of hundreds of people who have been where you are now and become successful enough to quit their jobs. This cuts your training time dramatically. It means you won’t have to invest energy and money into finding out what doesn’t work.

You will have the step by step plan developed for you – you don’t get that in any traditional business! You get to own a business instead of letting it own you.

If you would like to see how Wikaniko can help to free you from the fear of redundancy click the link below.

How to make money from home in the UK

What’s Your Focus?

We all have a vision of how we would like our life to be. And yet the reality can often be rather different! What is it that separates those that reach their dreams from those that don’t? Very often it’s simply a question of Focus.

Maintaining focus is never easy though – our minds, hours, days, weeks, even entire lives are constantly interrupted. We try to focus on the important things and end up having to deal with petty things.

We have goals, we have dreams, we have important ToDo lists, and yet they never happen.

Wasn’t it John Lennon who said:

Life is something that happens while you are planning something else!

Are you familiar with this frustrating feeling?

So many people spend their entire life trying to stay afloat and survive, and neglecting what makes their life exciting.

If you made a list of everything you waste your time on, things like paying bills, and going to work, and also make a list of everything you’d rather do instead, I’m sure you would see why millions of people have pursued a different path through life (by which I mean, a path of time and money freedom).

What are your goals? Is everything you want to achieve possible if you continue giving up 5 days of your week to a job? Is everything possible if you only earn as much as you earn now? For most people the answer is a resounding “No”!

If you feel the same my question is “What are you going to do about it?” Are you going to carry on as you are now or are you going to do something different? Remember, the definition of madness is doing the same thing but expecting different results!

One practical way that you can work towards the live you would really like to live is to put a solid plan in place. One that will take you away from simply living to work – you really can stop handing over the majority of your week to a boss, watching the years fly by without taking any major steps towards living the life you actually want to live.

Starting your own home business is the first step. Working from home in your spare time will help to increase your income, and gradually your main job will become less and less relevant. It takes focus and application but, if this were an option for you, would you take it?

When you start freeing up your time, and start earning more money, you start to see all the options available to you.

Instead of taking holidays when your employer says you can, you go whenever you please! Instead of sitting in traffic every day to get to work, start a new hobby! Instead of working all day in a boring job, start volunteering your time at your favourite charity, or spend it learning languages, or building your business, or reading books, or flying hot air balloons… anything!

Reclaiming your time is the most valuable thing you could do for your life, and you can start today.

Having the time and money to focus on what’s truly important to you, instead of what your boss says is important, is the surest way to live a life that other people envy.

Living an enviable life doesn’t come from working endless hours for not enough money. It comes from seizing your own time and focusing on what’s important to you.

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How to make money from home in the UK

What Can A Seagull Teach You About MLM Success?

In today’s economy it’s very easy to get depressed about the prospects of achieving personal or business success! Things just seem so dark and down with almost every news feed warning us of further economic pain to come. In this environment of oppressive negativity just what can we do to survive?

First, recognize that negative people are everywhere and, unfortunately, many of them are the people that love you the most!  People don’t consciously destroy other”s dreams, but if you’re not careful, all the good Samaritans around you will convince you that you cannot get ahead.

Second, don’t be too quick to blame others. In actuality, we are our own worst enemies. Lack of confidence, a bad attitude, and self-criticism is often more harmful than exposure to negative people, and must be overcome if you expect to find the motivation to climb the obstacles to success.

One of my favourite books is Richard Bach’s story “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”.

On the face of it this is a story about a seagull who loves to fly! Jonathan pushes his abilities to the limit but in doing so he is ostracized by the rest of the flock for attempting to do things that normal seagulls don’t do. His attempt to get ahead and prosper is scorned by the other seagulls until he is banned from the flock completely.  Flying alone, he discovers the joys of life outside the realm of rotten fish and crowded beaches.

This story is a great metaphor for our own lives.  Very often as we work to rise above the crowd and separate ourselves from mediocrity and failure, people line up to tell us it’s impossible! It is very easy to become discouraged if we listen to these voices of doom and to go back to being part of the “flock” again.

The truth is we were designed to soar and reach our full potential not live lives of “quiet desperation”. Richard Bach’s book is about 35 years old but its message is relevant to your pursuit of wealth today. I strongly recommend you buy a used copy from Amazon and read it. I credit that one book with changing my life – it might do the same for you too!

Finding Success Inside Yourself

Everywhere you look on the Internet, somebody is telling you that you can make lots of money!

But is this really true?

The answer to this question is a definite yes – there are a lot of people making a lot of money online!

BUT you must know where to look. If you look in the wrong place then you can also lose lots of money!

The real truth is that 97% of all people involved in an online businesses venture FAIL TO MAKE ANY SIGNIFICANT MONEY!

So, how do you get to be one of the 3% who do succeed?

Finding a business that is right for you is by no means easy. Network Marketing (or, MLM – Multi-Level Marketing) is one of the first places people look when thinking of starting an online business that they can work from home.

The problem here is every time you click on a site someone is giving you the big sales pitch about how you are going to be a millionaire by the end of the week! Not only that but you can do it in your underwear working only a couple of hours a week and party the rest of the time on the beach!

There is a general rule of life: You Cannot Get Something For Nothing!

At one level we know that this is true but somehow when we look online our normal caution is bypassed! Fall for the hype and you will almost certainly join the 97%!

If you want your MLM business to succeed then you are going to have to work very hard to make it happen. You will have to get up early and go to bed late. You will have to learn all about network marketing and how to reach people with your offering. In short, you will have to apply huge amounts of energy, time, and determination to make this happen. That is the bit they don’t usually tell you in their sales pitch!

I would suggest that the first place you need to look when thinking about a new business is yourself! Really, take a good long look in the mirror. Have you got that motivation and drive to make this really happen? Are you desperate enough to make this happen?

If it is only a case of  “it would be nice to have some extra money”, then it will never happen. It has to be a real emotional imperative, one that will drive you to success.

Some wit once said that success is often the product of desperation coupled with a lot of perspiration! Before starting your journey, you first have to take a good long look at yourself. Unfortunately, most people fail to ask themselves some good hard questions about who they really are and whether they are prepared to pay the price of success.

One of the great things about the Wikaniko business is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel! You will be part of a team, collectively building on each others success. The marketing plan is there for you to follow, but you will have to do the work yourself – if you sit back and wait for things to happen you will be very disappointed.

The secret of joining the 3% who succeed is in what is inside of you. If you are driven enough then you will meet with outstanding success:

“Today I will do what others won’t. So tomorrow I can do what others can’t!”

How to make money from home in the UK

Goals: Are Your Goals Challenging Enough?

Most people plan their holidays more thoroughly than they plan their lives!

Then they suddenly wake up in their 60’s  and wonder why they haven’t achieved everything they were capable of.

Choosing a goal and sticking to it changes everything – Scott Read

Are you limiting yourself unnecessarily, and setting yourself up for less than you’re worth, by not setting goals?

Let me tell you why goal setting is important, and why it works.

A goal acts like a large magnet in your future, pulling you towards it. It drives you in the right direction. It keeps you on track. It makes sure you’ve always got an eye on your future and how what you do now affects where you’ll end up. A person without a goal is like a boat without a rudder.

You can and must direct yourself!

So much of our lives are sent under the direction of someone else, from childhood and school to the world of work. And now you’re in a position to set your one direction and determine your own destination. A boss doesn’t care one bit about your long term goals, or where your job is taking you. They just want the job done.

If you are living your life without goals then you need to make a change right now. Stop outsourcing the direction of your life to people who don’t really care!

* Do you want to be running your own business?
* Do you want to earn £5000 per month without a boss?
* Do you want to move house and live in the countryside?

Grab a piece of paper and a pen and start writing. Right now. Do it. You’ve heard this advice dozens of times, I know. You hear it all the time. But how many times have you truly taken it seriously and sat down for a productive 30 minutes and written down everything you want to achieve?

If you want £100,000 in your savings account, write it down.
If you want your mortgage paid off, write it down.
If you want to learn to fly a helicopter, write it down!

And, of course, put a deadline next to each goal. Putting a date makes it real. It plots it in your real life, existing not simply on a piece of paper but in your future.

A goal without a deadline is just a dream, or a wish for something you’d quite like. A deadline gives you a bullseye to aim for.

It’s all such simple advice, but it’s advice that so few people follow. It’s staggering how so many people say “Yeah yeah, goal setting, I know all about that”, but when you ask them about their goals they haven’t a clue!

You want to know your goal list so well you could recite it in your sleep. You need to really feel it. You need to know if so well it feels like a part of you.

You want your goal list to be so clear to you that you see it unfold before you. Just like walking in a beach leaves footprints behind you, your goal list puts footprints in front of you, and you simply fill them as each step brings you closer to your goals.

Do it now. You become successful the moment you start moving toward a worthwhile goal.

Residual Income Vs Traditional Income

Profits are better than wages. Wages will make you a living, profits make you a fortune. It’s difficult to get rich on wages, but anybody can get rich on profits – Jim Rohn

QUESTION: How much do you get paid if you stop working? If you’re like most people, your answer is probably “nothing”! For every rich person, however, the answer is very different. A rich person is simply someone who has learned how to make money when they’re not working, when they’re on vacation, and even when they’re sleeping.

The rich have named this type of income “Residual Income“.

Residual income is money that keeps getting paid to you whether you work or not. You earn money no matter what you’re doing, because the money earns itself. It doesn’t depend on you. So if you had a residual income of £2000 a month, you could STILL get paid £2000 every month even if all you did was sit in a rocking chair and read the newspaper each and every day.

Rich people have learned how to earn money 24/7, and you can too.

The only residual income most people will ever earn is the measly interest on their savings account with their bank. Imagine what it would be like if your residual income was large enough for you to quit your job, or even quit working altogether…


The moment you arrive at a regular job you start getting paid, and your boss decides how much. Then when you leave at the end of the day you stop making money. It’s almost impossible to get rich this way because every penny you earn is completely dependent on you being at work, and you only have a limited number of hours each day. If you don’t turn up to work one day, you stop earning money. Why most people choose this as their main method of earning money is because they don’t know about all the alternatives available!


The moment you wake up in the morning you start making money. In fact, you were earning overnight. You do some work during your day which adds to your residual income. You finish your work in the evening, but your income doesn’t stop growing. If you decide to take the day off, or go on vacation for a week, you don’t stop earning money. Can a boss or anyone else reach out and turn off your Residual Income? Not a chance!

Find out how the Wikaniko Business Opportunity can build a strong residual income for you!
How to make money from home in the UK

Money: Are You Paid As Much As You Deserve?

How much do you get paid?

More importantly… How much are you WORTH?

OK – you don’t have to tell me but I do want you to think about these two very important questions because NOTHING WILL CHANGE until you do.

Imagine earning each month to your full potential. You’d wake up each day knowing you’re not losing out, and your time spent working was being properly rewarded.

No boss would have the right to decide what your time is worth, and no person ever should. Surely this should be left entirely down to you?

You probably already know this. Most people do. But there again, most people don’t do anything about it!

The truth is, most people spend their entire lives getting less than they deserve. As the famous quote goes most people live lives of quiet desperation –  people all around them  make their important decisions, like what they earn, when they start work, when they get up in the morning, when they eat their lunch, when they finish in the evening, where they sit, what they do for the majority of their day… Argh!

It’s so similar to school it’s almost funny, and it’s really no surprise school was set up that way. It’s to train everyone to sit quietly in a job for not enough money and not complain.

It makes me angry when I think about what schools teach kids about the value of their time. Kids learn that they have to do anything they can to impress potential employers. How to write a CV, how to write a cover letter, how to act in an interview, how to choose classes that employers will like, how extra-curricula activities will look good to employers. In short, how to bend and shape your own life so employers will offer you some measly job!

How many lessons do they spend teaching kids that being someone else’s employee for the rest of your life isn’t the only option? Exactly… none. NONE! If we really encouraged kids to be entrepreneurs the story would be very different.

You see, we’re not cattle. We can’t simply be herded into one spot and told to stay there. We rule our own lives, and we make our own decisions. We are meant to fly and each one of us should be able to reach our true potential.

The first step on this path is to decide who gets to choose the key elements of your life. You, or someone else? It doesn’t sound like a difficult decision, but the implications are huge.

If you decide you want to earn £10,000 per month, but the most your boss will pay someone doing your job is £2,500, then it’s clear you need to be doing something different from now on.

For some people the next logical step is to start their own business. This is what I did, and you can do it too. You can read more about he Wikaniko business opportunity by clicking HERE.

I work from home in my spare time, and my income is increasing all the time. I have set it as my goal to have something most people never have until they retire in their old age: money and the time to enjoy it.

You Are Not Like “Most People”

The very fact that you’ve read this far makes this clear. The fact that you recognise that you deserve more. The fact that you’re willing to take action to make your dreams happen. You’re exactly the right kind of person who should be running a business just like mine.

“Most People” just go blindly through life, closed to things that question them.

But here’s my question to you…

How much are you really worth, and what are you going to do about it?

Financial Freedom is Just 5 Years Away

What do Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, and Paul Zane Pilzer all have in common?

Yes, they are all very wealthy but they also have a a great deal of financial knowledge (perhaps that is why they are wealthy!). We should be listening to them.

All of them champion Network Marketing as a way in which people can build their own financial fortress. Take this quote from Nobel Prize Winning Economist and author,  Paul Zane Pilzer:

Of all the entrepreneurial opportunities available today, one of the most important is direct selling, also called network marketing.

Your boss does not want you reading this. Some of your “friends” may not want you to read this and, sadly, there may be members of your family who do not want you to read this.

The truth is, if you truly took this message to heart, you could fire your boss. Not immediately, but it would happen.

Like most people you probably expect to retire one day, maybe in a few years, maybe in a few decades, but you hope to be able to one day have the retirement income coming in reliably every month as you finally relax and enjoy it.

But there are several things very wrong with this picture.

The traditional plan is for an employee is to work for 40+ years, giving away most of their life to completing someone else’s tasks, then relaxing when you’re too old to live the life you dreamed of. But, have you noticed how the age of  retirement is creeping up? You’ll have the free time, but who wants free time when they’re 65 or 67 or ………? What’s wrong with having free time while you are younger?

The second problem is that most people have made no real provision for their retirement. All the free time in the world is worthless if you have no money to do anything!

What those detractors  don’t want you to know is that your financial freedom could be less than 5 years away!You can make it without a boss and it’s more fun too. The million £ question is “How can this be done?”

For Network Marketers the plan looks something like this. You set up a business in your spare time that will pay you even when you stop working… and then you stop working!

Just imagine… where would you be now if you had read this message 5 years ago?

A network marketing business gives you the freedom most people never even glimpse. As your business grows (and you’re helped every step of the way by other people just like you) your income increases. This is income on top of your regular job income, because you don’t have to quit your job to do this. Most network marketers won’t quit their jobs until their business-income overtakes their job-income. Then they fire their boss, walk out, and never look back!

If it takes you 5 years – even 10 years – to eliminate the need for a job, what would you do with your time? Most people would travel more, get serious about their hobbies, volunteer their time to the charities they’re passionate about, learn new skills, visit friends and family…

And yet these same people, with their same wishes, spend their time working for a boss, worrying if they’ll get fired, arriving home late, then flopping down in front of the TV in sheer exhaustion.

Be different. Make your plan. It’s 5 years away.

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How to make money from home in the UK

Making Extra Money From Home Can Help Reduce Job Stress

I love this quote from Margaret Fuller:

“Men for the sake of getting a living forget to live”

It describes the illusion that so many of us live under as we scrape around to stay financially afloat! Earning a living for most people is not LIVING!

We also fool ourselves into thinking that having a full-time job gives us financial security. The fact is that while you’re perfectly stable and comfy all the time you have a job, sooner or later things change. We see this now during the worst moments of the current recession! Long time jobs that seemed safe and secure suddenly vanish!

Profits go down, costs go up, or the company simply downsizes or moves, and then you’re out of work. And, the worst thing of all, you have no control over when or if this will happen.

One minute you’ve got a “safe” job and the next you’re panicking about how to pay the bills next month.

But some people aren’t in this situation: the home business owners. They have a safety net in the form of a profitable part-time business. Even if home business owners have another full time job, which many do, they don’t have to worry about the bills because this job isn’t their only source of income.

It’s true that the current recession showed how precarious it can be to rely on one source of income. So many people lost their jobs and ended up in real financial difficulty, but those who also had their own businesses didn’t have the same worries as people who relied solely on one job. Your colleagues might well panic about losing their jobs because they know they won’t have any income if they do. But you’ll be in a completely different situation because you’ve started to build up a cash flow from your own part-time (or even spare-time) business. Just imagine how much security and peace of mind that will give you!

The other great thing about building up a part-time business from home, other than vastly reducing the amount of stress you would feel, is that you’d be able to earn money around the clock. Imagine going to work, or going to sleep at night, or even going to the movies, and earning money from your business the entire time. It’s a great feeling.

A home business is also a lot more flexible than a regular job. With a job you need to turn up at a specific time, eat your lunch at a specific time, and do pretty well as you’re told (just like being back at school!). Your employer pays you what they think your time is worth which is probably a lot less than you know you are worth! With a solid home business there is no ceiling on what you can earn – it all depends on how much work and effort you are prepared to put in.

Is it time to increase your income and stop worrying about unemployment? The sooner you start your own home business, the sooner you will release yourself from the fear of job loss and start earning the income you are truly worth.

To find out more on how Wikaniko can help you to reach your goals click the banner below.

How to make money from home in the UK