About Us

Steve, Lynn, and Family

Life in Spain was good - before the crash!

Hi, my name is Steve Cowley and, together with my wife Lynn, I run EzGreenLiving.

Originally trained as a teacher I developed what was a passion for the martial arts into a full time business, running a large fitness and martial arts centre in High Wycombe for many years.

In 2007 we moved to Spain to establish a smaller centre there. With impeccable timing this coincided with the start of the recession – something that hit the Spanish economy (and us) very hard!

Returning back to the UK in 2011 we are now concentrating our efforts on running our original UK centre and building up our Wikaniko business.

Our passion has always been in helping others to develop their physical and mental health in order to live a fuller and more energised life. With the current financial downturn hitting so many people we believe that the Wikaniko business opportunity is a perfect marriage of everything we have been working towards for many years. It is all about our health and well-being – at the global, local, and personal level.

Running your own business can be very scary – particularly if you have never done it before! But with help and support it is certainly possible for anyone to succeed and work towards a better future. Our personal commitment is to help anyone who joins our team to succeed in this business too.

A telephone conversation or meeting with us will not cost you anything, but could be the start of a major change in the quality of your life. Remember: Nothing will change until you take action! So phone or e-mail us now to find out a little more about the Wikaniko business opportunity.

E-mail: steve@ezgreenliving.co.uk

Phone: 0118 328 2838